YogaOne of the most recommended exercise regimens and rehabilitation options for back pain sufferers who are pre-op, post-op, or otherwise managing pain, is yoga. Yoga is rehabilitative, restorative, and can reverse damage done by spinal immobility and help a post-procedure patient recover with ease. Here are the three major benefits of yoga, as pertaining to spinal motion preservation:

Six Ways Every Day

Yoga instructors will often be heard saying that the spine should move six ways every day. This means the spine should bend forward, backward, in C-curves to either side, and twist in both directions. This might seem impossible to back pain sufferers and at first, it may be nearly so. Over time, and with practice, spinal motion can be somewhat restored and pain reduced.

Stress Relief

One of the prominent causes of compression and pain in the back, neck, and shoulders is stress. The demands of adult life render us anxious, and those emotions impact our bodies. Yoga is calming, and those effects can reverse damage caused by stress.


Unlike in the case of most organized group exercise, yoga is modifiable. Yoga teachers are trained to know how to modify poses and flows for people with injuries or limitations in mobility. Fully modified classes such as chair yoga are available for people who need to stabilize their spines and manage back pain.